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Living through a wind or hail storm can feel like living in a battlefield. When the storm stops, the cleanup will begin: getting estimates, finding a reputable contactor and dealing with all of the headaches insurance headaches of getting a roof repaired.

At Advanced Roofing we work to ensure that each of our customers receive a settlement for ALL of the damages to their property that is in the best interest of the property owners, NOT just the insurance companies!

Our organization has specially trained catastrophe specialists, and insurance re-adjusters. With our expert representation you will be visited by one of our trained catastrophe specialists who will inspect, measure, as well as take any necessary photos needed by your insurance company.

After thorough assessment of damage is conducted our catastrophe specialists will instruct clients on how to file and manage your claim. They will also meet with your insurance adjuster to ensure that all of the damage is accounted for. Once your insurance company mails out your documents showing their estimated scope of loss, this information is given to our adjusters who will invoice your insurance company for any additional damages that the original adjuster may have missed and will ensure that materials are estimated at their current prices, so your property can be fully repaired.


Customer Testimonials

  • The Board of Directors of Grandview Homeowner’s Association, Sycamore, lllinois would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding job concerning the roof replacement project of the seventeen buildings in our association.
    Grand View Homeowner’s Association of Sycamore
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